Sunday, June 16, 2019

Bird Watch: Our First Public Deep Learning Computer Vision Product

Codes of Interest is proud to present Bird Watch, a Deep Learning Computer Vision tool to identify bird species from images. It was built for wildlife photographers, bird and nature lovers, researchers, and academics alike.

Bird Watch is now in v0.3.0 Beta and is available for anyone to use free of charge at,

Bird Watch in action
Bird Watch in action

The system was built using transfer learning, with the InceptionV3 model. It uses Keras, TensorFlow, and OpenCV for its underlying features. The web frontend is built using Flask.

Monday, May 20, 2019

Installing OpenCV got easier

OpenCV is undoubtedly the unmatched de facto standard library for computer vision. Not only does it provide a near complete set of vision algorithms, the set of primitive graphics functions it provides to manipulate images makes it essential to many of our projects.

OpenCV being used when building a Keras CNN model
OpenCV being used when building a Keras CNN model

Installing the latest version of OpenCV used to be hard. The pre-built binaries available was never up to the tasks we wanted. Compiling from source was an option, but was tedious and time consuming.

Then, we got the anaconda versions of OpenCV from Conda-Forge, which we could simply install using,

conda install -c conda-forge opencv

Now, things are going to be simpler, as Anaconda native OpenCV packages are now available.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Build Deeper: What's in the Book

We're just 1 day away from the release of my new book Build Deeper: The Path to Deep Learning. So, let's see what I've covered in the book.

Build Deeper: The Path to Deep Learning
Build Deeper: The Path to Deep Learning

The new book is the successor to my earlier book - Build Deeper: Deep Learning Beginners' Guide - (which is why I called this the 'second edition), to which I've added a lot more topics this time. The new book is more than twice the length of the old book, and covers more breadth and depth in Deep Learning.

Here's what you can expect in the book:

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Happy New Year, with a New Book

2019 is here! Happy New Year everyone!
May we see more exciting development in AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning this year.

With this new year, I'm excited to make a new announcement.
My new book "Build Deeper: The Path to Deep Learning" is now completed, and will be releasing very soon.

Build Deeper: The Path to Deep Learning

It's the successor for my earlier book "Build Deeper: Deep Learning Beginners' Guide", and covers everything from an introduction to deep learning, to building your own image recognition and computer vision models from scratch, and advanced topics such as transfer learning and fine-tuning your models, with sample code and step-by-step instructions for everything.

The book will be released within next 2 weeks. Stay tuned for more details.