Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Book Update: First 3 Chapters are Now Released!

I'm excited to let you know that the first 3 Chapters of my new book - Deep Learning on Windows - is now released at LeanPub!

Deep Learning on Windows - Cover
Deep Learning on Windows

This is currently the only book focusing specifically on setting up and developing Deep Learning models on Microsoft Windows. As I mentioned in my earlier post, most of the queries and questions I have received over the past year or so were related to building deep learning models on the Windows OS, and how-to setup and troubleshoot the tools on it. There were very little material out there addressing Windows specifically.

So, this book is my answer to that.

A total of 12 chapters are planned for the book, covering topics from setting up your tools on Windows, building your first models, to some advanced topics like transfer learning, deploying your models, computer vision, generative adversarial networks, and reinforcement learning.

The book will be released in an incremental manner. The first 3 chapters are now released.
Buying the book now guarantees that you will get all the remaining content, and all future updates and revisions for free as they get released.

The price of the book will increase over time as new chapters gets added, so purchasing early gives you the best value.

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

My New Book is in the works: Deep Learning on Windows

Hope you all are staying safe!

With the lockdown and working from home from my job I've had a bit of free time these past few days. I've spent some of that time on going through the comments of the blog, and the questions and queries I have received from you readers through email and social media channels.

What I was trying to do was to identify any major areas you are struggling in, and try to come up with solutions to address those areas.

What I found was that, most of the queries were related to building deep learning models on the Windows OS, and how-to setup and troubleshoot the tools on it.

So, as a means of addressing this area, I've decided to start writing a new book, which will be named "Deep Learning on Windows".

"Working" Cover Page of the New Book
"Working" Cover Page of the New Book (cover would change in the final version)

Materials and support for setting up deep learning frameworks and building models on Windows is a little bit scarce out there. This is mainly because native support for Windows in many of the popular tools were not there until recently.

This is why I decided to write a book specifically on getting deep learning development started on Windows.