Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Build Deeper: What's in the Book

We're just 1 day away from the release of my new book Build Deeper: The Path to Deep Learning. So, let's see what I've covered in the book.

Build Deeper: The Path to Deep Learning
Build Deeper: The Path to Deep Learning

The new book is the successor to my earlier book - Build Deeper: Deep Learning Beginners' Guide - (which is why I called this the 'second edition), to which I've added a lot more topics this time. The new book is more than twice the length of the old book, and covers more breadth and depth in Deep Learning.

Here's what you can expect in the book:

  • A detailed explanation on what Deep Learning is, what it isn't, and how it relates to other areas in AI.
  • What Deep Learning has achieved through the years, including recent achievements such as OpenAI, and DeepMind.
  • What tools are available to you to get started in Deep Learning.
  • Step-by-step instructions on installing and configuring the tools you need.
  • Building and running your first Deep Learning model.
  • See the internal workings of a Deep Learning model and understand the concepts behind each step.
  • How to play around with 'popular' Deep Learning models.
  • Build a practical image classification system with Deep Learning from scratch, using techniques such as Data Augmentation, Bottleneck Features, Transfer Learning, and Fine-tuning.
  • A Bonus Chapter on how to get started with Computer Vision.
Check out the Table of Contents from the book.

Each code example in the book is explained every step of the way, and you will get access to a code repository containing the complete code from the entire book.

The book will be released on 9th January 2019!
Stay tuned for the release announcement and purchase links.

I will also be doing a giveaway of the book for few lucky winners.
Stay tuned for more details!

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