Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Major Update on My New Book: Deep Learning on Windows

If you recall, I originally intended to incrementally release my new book - Deep Learning on Windows – and have it completed around the June/July timeframe. Well, the month of July came and went, but no book got released. I also was not posting articles in the blog frequently for the past couple of months.

This was due to a major change in the plan for the book.

Deep Learning on Windows was picked up by a publisher!

The book will now be published under Apress, and it became a much larger offering than what I initially envisioned.

The new cover for the book is shown below:

New Cover for Deep Learning on Windows
New Cover for Deep Learning on Windows

On late-May, while I was working on the first drafts of the book on LeanPub, I was contacted by Apress on whether I would be interested in publishing the book under Apress banner. 

After several discussions on their process, guidelines, and contracts, I decided to accept their offer. Over the past few months, I have been working with the editorial team of Apress to refine, review, edit, and finalize the books content. With the input and help from the Apress team, I was able to expand the scope of the book from my initial vision to a much more knowledge packed and better flowing book to the readers. 

Apress (Apress Media LLC) is a publisher based in New York, US, who specializes in Information technology titles. Apress is a division of Springer Nature, which is a American-German academic publication company.

Deep Learning on Windows has been the longest and the most complete book I have written to date. And it is aimed at both beginners and intermediates, covering topics from getting started to advanced and exciting topics in deep learning and computer vision.

The book has now been handed over to the production team at Apress and is being prepared for the final stages of the book production.

You can view the book’s product page at Apress here: Apress Page for Deep Learning on Windows

And the Amazon page of the book here: Amazon Page for Deep Learning on Windows

We are planning to release the book in the coming months. The final release date is yet to be finalized.

Please note that the release date currently mentioned in the book page - February 22, 2021 – is just a placeholder, and the book would be released much sooner than that.

The pre-orders for the book will be opening soon, on both Apress site and Amazon. Stay tuned for the updates.

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